Muller Law Defeats Motion for Preliminary Injunction

An international conglomerate sought to immediately stop one of its former executives from working in the same industry.  The executive retained Muller Law, LLC, which won sound defeat of the motion for a preliminary injunction in this federal trade secrets case.  After a hearing, a judge in the U.S. District Court in Rhode Island found
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Muller Law Successfully Defends Caribbean Business

Muller Law recently won the settlement of an action brought by the U.S. Small Business Administration against a St. Croix-based client caught up in a Rhode Island federal court receivership. The action concerned a complex web of real estate issues such as government leases, a timeshare estate, overlapping court decisions, easements, and subleases, on a
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Chip Muller Helps Trial Win

Chip Muller assisted attorney Mark Gagliardi in his federal court trial win against an individual defendant.  The jury found the defendant liable for illegal termination of an employee in retaliation for the employee’s complaint of racial and gender discrimination.

Muller Law Secures 501(c)(3) Status for Non-Profit

The Internal Revenue Service recently awarded a Muller Law client the coveted 501(c)(3) status.  Muller Law applied for the status on behalf of the client and handled the IRS’ inquiries regarding the organization’s work.  Now donors can deduct donations to the organization from their federal tax returns, making donating to the organization much more attractive,
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Chip Muller Wins Unemployment Benefits in Massachusetts

Chip Muller won unemployment benefits for a worker wrongfully terminated by a school.  The school terminated the worker because he was convicted of simple assault– a misdemeanor.  Massachusetts law prohibits terminating an employee for conviction of a misdemeanor.

Muller Law Collects Money Owed to Secured Creditor

Muller Law collected all money due to a lessor of industrial recycling equipment under a lease.  The lessee of the equipment went bankrupt.  The receiver approved the lessor’s secured claim and paid the Muller Law client in full.

Investment Advisor’s FINRA Arbitration Against Merrill Lynch Settles

Chip Muller litigated and settled a financial advisor’s counterclaims against Merrill Lynch for fraud and tortious interference with prospective business advantage.  Merrill Lynch  initiated the FINRA arbitration against the former Merrill Lynch financial advisor who had signed a promissory note based on Merrill Lynch’s misleading statements.

Muller Law Secures Trademark Protection for RI Business

Muller Law secured federal trademark protection for the mark “Cole’s,” the name brand of a line of gourmet canned fish products imported from Portugal and other nations.  To see the mark in action, visit:

Muller Law Gets Everything Demanded for Corporate Client

Chip Muller settled a corporate client’s real estate, easement, and breach of contract dispute with a buyer of commercial property.  After Muller Law filed suit and conducted negotiations, the defendant paid our client 100% of the money we demanded– all the money the defendant owed.  Contact Muller Law to take care of your personal or
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Chip Muller Wins Binding Arbitration for Contractor

Chip Muller won a binding arbitration conducted through the American Arbitration Association for a contractor who was not paid for renovation of a home.  Contact Muller Law for assistance with a contract, construction, or payment dispute, or any other type of civil litigation, in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut.