“We were very fortunate to find Attorney Chip Muller, who had the guts and sense of fairness to stand up for our rights against a most formidable opponent – the SBA (Small Business Administration). Our small business, St. Croix Water Sports, based in the U.S. Virgin Islands, was tangled in a complex web of receivership matters in Rhode Island.   Attorney Muller was able to get right to the heart of things and resolve the issue in a favorable way.  He combines of intelligence, compassion, and perseverance and we would not hesitate to recommend him.”

“It was overwhelming when I was sued for the first time.  The thought of finding the right attorney who I could believe in and trust was a daunting task.  I ran across Muller Law, picked up the phone and called about trade secrets claims made against me.  Within minutes flat, I was already feeling better.  Muller Law made sure that I was informed and immediately set aside some time for an initial consultation.  Although I was still intimidated, Muller Law went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and help me fully understand the situation for what it was.  I found very quickly that Muller Law is very unique in that honesty, truth and justice is truly embraced.  Muller Law took my case very seriously and delivered results.  Muller Law is now my partner on all of my legal needs and I can not recommend Muller Law enough.”

– A Very Happy Client, Framingham, MA

“When I was faced with the confusing and scary reality of the legal system, thank goodness Chip Muller was their to guide me. Chip was by my side during the whole process and was always just a phone call away.  He’s an honest, hard-working lawyer with a team of professionals that never let me feel like I was alone. Although my case was confusing, he made sure that the truth was heard and that all the important facts were presented. Chip never gave up and made it his personal fight to be sure that my whole story was told.  He left no stone unturned, were it not for him, I believe that my whole story would not have been told and my legal outcome would have been much different.  In this day and age, it is refreshing to know that someone like Chip is here to help.”

“Thank you is truly not enough to express our family’s gratitude for all you have done!  We are truly grateful!  You must feel a great sense of achievement when things work out.  I truly appreciate the communication you were always giving every step of the way.  If you’d like to meet . . . to celebrate, let me know.”

“Thank you so much for your support of my mother’s case and your support of her today.  I am glad that we have you on our side and all of us are so comfortable with your ability to look out for my mother’s best interests.”

“We think the world of Muller Law.  Chip Muller negotiated a result that made a huge difference in our lives.  Chip is accessible and always pleasant to deal with– even through difficult times.  We appreciated that he was realistic about our chances of success in court.  He has a lovely personality.  All those things define Muller Law.”